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Why Finland has the best education system in the world Part 1

so here’s what happened back in the day Finland schools sucked on the skin that is a blot on aback they activated the world’s kids both Finland and Oz were usually about the aforementioned you apperceive about down the account of Nations but Finland didn’t like that so they approved some new ideas and in no time Finland attempt to the top of the apple their acceptance was number one how did they do that was the one catechism I capital an acknowledgment to and I went beeline to see the enemies Minister of Apprenticeship afore

I could say anything she blurted out their top-secret they do not accept homework wait so you abate the hummer you give us an academy yes they should accept more time to be kids to be adolescent stars to enjoy the activity how abounding hours of homework did you get aftermost night um about 10 accounts or something Pamela’s Omer, yeah wait for maybe 15 accounts or 20 accounts 20 minutes up Sami masters yeah able-bodied if I would accept done the appointment I anticipate it would be like 10 account tops usually

I don’t absolutely do appointment that much the accomplished appellation authority assignment is affectionate of obsolete I anticipate in that way don’t your homework is anachronistic yeah yeah in that way that these kids they accept a lot of other things to do afterward school like what like like actuality calm like being with the ancestors like accomplishing sports like arena music like an account so they have an appointment or if all they appetite to do is ascend a timberline they could ascend a tree they can appear altitude alike they don’t appetite a country but they’ll end up wild aggressive the timberline from really finding out about altered insects and they can appear to the academy abutting day tell me about what they found compared to the earlier kids

how many hours a day – the adolescent ones go to school um Mondays three hours do you stay school I was it varies it’s 20 hours a week so there oh man now there is this three or four hour at school accommodate the cafeteria hour yeah how are they acquirements annihilation are you getting annihilation done your academician has to it has to relax every now and afresh if you aloof consistently assignment assignment assignment then you stop acquirements and there’s no use of doing that for the best eon of time Finland acceptance accept the shortest school canicule and the beeline school years in the absolute Western apple they do bigger by activity to academy beneath how many languages do you allege English yeah Swedish Spanish Finnish and Swedish Finnish English and German French German Finnish and English


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