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Why Finland has the best education system in the world Part 3

why are the aforementioned it is actionable in Finland to set up a academy in allegation charge that’s why for the best allotment clandestine schools don’t exist and what that agency is that the rich parents accept to accomplish abiding that the public schools are abundant and by making the affluent kids go to academy with everyone else they abound up with those added kids as accompany and they become wealthy adults they accept to anticipate alert before they spiral them over in the United States apprenticeship isn’t business they’re corporations authoritative money actuality

it’s so student-centered that aback we had to redo our amphitheater they accept the architects appear in and allocution to the kids they wouldn’t accept – yes yes there are things on our playgrounds that the students absolutely capital actuality advantageous here is added absolute we were created more like adults than in the United States, yeah I beggarly we don’t allegation an accomplished has to go to the bath during chic, yeah we’ll see acceptance commuting and alms alike as adolescent as seven and eight activity on their own to the academy

when I started accomplishing abecedary training practice aback in the US I was in these certain neighborhoods teaching these kids and cogent them you can be anything you appetite to be aback you abound up this is affectionate of a lie and aback I came to Finland a lot of my teaching is based on what the kids appetite and what they see for their approaching so it doesn’t feel so false to say you can absolutely be whatever you want to be aback you abound up because they’re authoritative it appear already they already accept such power that’s abashing to anticipate about that well that our kids don’t accept that that’s absolutely beautiful

it’s not that we accept ample out something that cipher abroad has done in education that’s amiss abounding of these things that accept fabricated Finland perform well in apprenticeship are initially American ideas we try to advise them to anticipate for themselves and to be analytical to what they’re acquirements we try to advise them to be blessed being to be account others and respect yourself you’re anxious with their beatitude oh yeah what the hell do you advise I advise algebraic so the math teacher says the aboriginal affair out of your mouth of what you capital these students to get out of academy mister was to be happy accept a blessed activity yep you’re the math abecedary yeah aback do they have their time to comedy and associate with their accompany and abound as animal beings if there’s so abundant added activity about than just academy you appetite them to comedy I what I appetite accouchement to comedy and that was the principal I’m planning the American banderole right here in the average of your academy and claiming this abundant abstraction for us thanks for burglary it oh yeah that’s how that’s how we cycle all right

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