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Why Finland has the best education system in the world Part 2

English Swedish and French and Spanish so you’re an exchange student in the US yeah aback you got back here in academy what did you apprehension that you acquainted adequate about no added multiple-choice exams they no assorted choice exams actuality or actual few of them if any this is that all of my exams in you how to do you acknowledgment the catechism appropriate if it isn’t listed is one of the four choices you’re appropriate your acknowledgment accept to know it yeah you absolutely accept to know it but there was one affair I heard over and over afresh from the Finns it was that America should stop teaching to a standardized analysis get rid of their standardized tests borough testing standardized tests I standardized testings what you are teaching your students is to do able-bodied on those tests and

you’re not absolutely teaching them anything no we are teaching them we’re teaching them how to flunk an analysis and then an agglomeration of schools abort the test and those schools are angry into charter schools and afresh somebody makes a lot of money but academy is about finding your beatitude award what you know to award away to apprentice what makes you happy they ample out about one-third of the school time the acceptance is in school is spent advancing for the standardized test and so they’ve alone a lot of things that aren’t on the analysis so music is gone art is gone artist are gone yeah

I’m in abounding schools civics isn’t even on the analysis so now schools are growing civics yes civics American borough accepts unbelievably we got rid of Audrey absolutely yeah yeah why it’s a decay of time when are they were activity to apprentice what are they were activity to allege as poets when they’re adults how does that help them get a job we try to advise them everything that they allegation so that they could absolutely use their academician as well as they can including PE including arts including music annihilation that can actually accomplish academician assignment bigger the children allegation to be baking they should be singing they should be accomplishing art and going on attributes walks and accomplishing all these things because there’s this very short time that they’re accustomed to being children

if you don’t accept connected tests here in Finland how do you apperceive which schools are the best and you apperceive people need an account the adjacency academy is the best academy it is not altered that than the academy which can be for example situated in the boondocks centermost because all the schools in Finland they are all equal aback we move to a new city you never ask area the best ambition is it’s never a catechism so cipher has to shop for schools there’s nothing different in any of our schools


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