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Whale Jokes : Puns And One Liners

Looking for funny whale jokes? This collection of easy jokes about whales are safe for humans of all ages.

This is the best area to discover whale-associated jokes online (Fun Kids Jokes additionally has plenty of other animal Jokes).

Great for each person who loves whales, sea animals, marine biology, oceans and technological know-how.

You’ll have a whale of a time sharing those funny whale jokes – ideal for mother and father, instructors, babysitters, grandparents, zoo staff, sailors – and anybody who likes whales.


 Whale Jokes : Puns And One Liners

Whale, whale, whale, what have we here? Only a collection of the funniest whale puns and jokes you’ll discover, that’s all!

You’re sure to have a whale of a time reading them! Enjoy!

Q: What do you do with a blue whale?
A: Cheer it up.

Q: How do did the octupus make the whale laugh?
A: With ten-tickles.

Q: Where do women whales keep their money?
A: In an octopurse.

Q: What do you call a whale from Notre Dame?
A: A hunch back whale.

Q: What was Orca’s favorite game show?
A: Whale of Fortune.

Q: Who helps injured whales?
A: Sturgeons.

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Q: What do British whales eat?
A: Fish and ships.

Q: What time is it when a whale jumps into your boat?
A: Time to get a new boat.

Q: Where do whales sleep at night?
A: In water beds.

Q: What do you call a whale in kindergarten?
A: A little squirt.

Q: What do whales need to stay healthy?
A: Vitamin Sea.

Q: Why was the whale so sad?
A: It was a Blue whale.

Q: Did you know that whales can squirt ink?
A: Just Squidding.

Q: What kind of candy do whales like?
A: Blubber gum.

Q: Why don’t whales play volleyball?
A: Because they’re afraid of the net.

Q: Which type of whale can fly?
A: Pilot whales.

Q: If whales lived on land, which country would they live in?
A: Finland.

Q: Why did the two whales get married?
A: They were head over fins in love.

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Q: What do you get when you cross a cow with a killer whale?
A: Sha-Moo.

Q: Do whales ever do things by accident?
A: No, they do everything on porpoise.

Q: Why do whales sing?
A: Because they can’t talk.

Q: Why don’t whales do well on their report cards?
A: Because they work below C-Level.

Q: How do you make a whale float?
A: Combine root beer, ice cream and a whale.

Q: What did the mommy whale do when her son stayed out too late?
A: She flipped.

Q: What birthday party game do whales like to play?
A: Salmon Says.

Q: How did the whale get to the hospital?
A: In a big clambulance.

Q: Why did the whale cross the ocean?
A: To get to the other tide.

Q: What do whales use for money?
A: Sand dollars.

Q: How do you make a fish laugh?
A: Tell it a whale of a tale.

Q: How does a pod of whales make a decision?
A: They Flipper coin.

Q: What’s the biggest sea animal from Scotland?
A: Wales.

Q: Why aren’t whales afraid of pirates?
A: They like being made to walk the plankton.

Q: Why did the whale call a detective?
A: He saw something that looked fishy…

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