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The acceptance of Minecraft is astonishing, accepting awash over 100 actor copies back its release. But aloof how able-bodied do you apperceive the game? Find out with our fun Minecraft quiz!

And don’t balloon to allotment your account with your accompany so they can try and exhausted you.

Free Minecraft Quiz

Which of the following is not a snowy biome?
What do witches use as their ranged weapons?
Which villagers are farmers?
What item do you add to a potion to make a splash potion?
Which enchantment increases underwater breathing time?
Which block do you need to use to make a Nether Portal?
Which species of wood is white with black spots on it?
In which year was Minecraft first released to the public?
Which of these is not a dimension?
What is the name of the boss in The End?
Which of these is not a species of wood in Minecraft?
Who created Minecraft?
Which of these is a hostile mob?
In which gameplay mode can players fly around freely?
Which of the following is not a tameable mob?
Free Minecraft Quiz
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