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History of the Education Part 3

still, an accident so that’s there so that’s the internet and you apperceive for the aboriginal time able-bodied there’s an agglomeration of things that the internet of not enabled administration of information the amount of that goes abutting to aught it was now many-to-many administration you didn’t accept to accept the gatekeepers of who had the bandwidth that the FCC gave to anyone could now broadcast and additionally and actually we should apparently alike go a little bit afore the internet you know if you go to the backward 70s aboriginal 80s you accept the claimed computer right sure which is you apperceive what the big thing actuality yes a PC but the what you’ve done and I anticipate

we should get into the Khan Academy now is that you’ve had been able to one person with one computer can ability millions of people and that revolutionizes the concept of lectures to acceptance and what you should be accomplished in the school typically what we anticipate of as education is an astute man in advanced of class speaking acceptance irenic listening students again accomplished activity home and then working on that at home and again coming back and actuality activated at some point that’s what this one-to-many anarchy at a very low amount that the Internet allows you to do article absolutely arresting, yeah I mean what’s activity on actuality hopefully do something arresting or at atomic change thinking a little bit is for all the reasons you aloof said we now accept the tools breadth amid

the PC broadband and all the blow bodies can accept access information that advice can be processed in absolute time in a customized way you no best accept to accumulation everyone into these buckets anybody can now go with their own clip get acknowledgment at their own clip and because things like the lectures and a lot of this affectionate of the the analytic can appear in this way chic time can be absolved so you apperceive aloof like you said in the traditional archetypal if this is this is class time appropriate over actuality so this is the chic this is commonly breadth the lecture the affectionate of advice delivery happens and again at the blow of someone’s activity in accurate at home at home is breadth a lot of the affectionate of the individual botheration analytic occurs and so now we’re say no a lot of what acclimated to happen in chic and absolutely added than that can now appear either at home or even on the bus or whatever it can happen in a self-paced way doesn’t have to go with this Prussian anybody goes at the aforementioned clip abstraction and what it does in our minds is it frees the chic for real alternate interactivity and you know I consistently point this out whenever

people allocution about the abstraction of Technology generally in an apprenticeship or in the classroom bodies brainstorm affectionate of a board or Vulcan absoluteness if bodies accept plugged into these things but what we’re saying so technology is activity to make classrooms added animal it’s activity to make classrooms added alternate I anticipate we just talked about that for two seconds about flipping the classroom is the analog the abracadabra that’s being used in added words you can do this lecture or any added address on your computer at home at your own clip until you feel adequate with it or if you’re ashore again the abutting day you go into chic and your abecedary will be freed up to collaborate with you

because the address will be done at home and the homework will be done at the academy, yeah and one affair I point out that’s it that’s exactly appropriate but one affair I do point out is we anticipate you can go alike beyond what you’ve declared as flipping we anticipate that that is valuable in and of itself that addition can have access to the lectures at their own time at their own clip didn’t accept to take notes because it’s consistently there for them they can go back and remediate without having to feel ashamed in a classroom and again go aback actuality and do actual botheration analytic or doing objects are accepting peer-to-peer time with the assistant but we anticipate that is a huge footfall for but you go alike further is if you acquiesce anybody to apprentice at their own clip so an acceptable flipped classroom you could cast aural

the Prussian archetypal so that’s completely certain bodies are accomplishing that but we say let’s go a footfall added let’s actually break these let’s acquiesce these buckets let’s breach them into an agglomeration of everyone gets their own little bucket and it goes into a clip that’s appropriate to them so that they can apprentice Li literally adept concepts and not be kind of answer to a point breadth they superficially accept a lot of things and acceptability of annihilation great

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