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History of the Education Part 2

believe he had acceptable intentions there but they’re acutely consistently ancillary effects around you apperceive how abundant of this was to kind of indoctrinate against whatever but I anticipate for the best allotment it wasn’t a gallant Arian appearance of attending let’s build our average amuse bethink there’s a great apprenticeship as he does there many schools alleged afterward Horace Mann and you for fast-forward so let me so Prussia comes to the US so burden goes to the US and 1840 and again by 1870 you actually get to bearings 1870s yellow again in 1870 you get to bearings where public apprenticeship is absolutely fairly commonplace in

the United States although it wasn’t let me address this down so this is accessible apprenticeship common public edie accepted but alike at that point it wasn’t compatible right it was one accompaniment would accept a different standard addition accompaniment would accept a different one kids would go for different periods of time they would cover altered capacity and so city versus country was apparently the versus country or alike one burghal against another city and so the arch university presidents and educators in the sense well this is a botheration we charge to standardize this so that we apperceive what we’re accepting aback they if they should be acceptance appearance up at

the university level and or the workforce and so in 1892 and this is absolutely tended to get lost in history you had a board of 10 let me address this bottomward so I’ll write committee board of 10 some somewhat Orwellian but there were somewhat is well in but is absolutely 10 gentlemen led by the admiral of Harvard to determine what should appear in those 12 years you apperceive these bodies are being pushed advanced but what absolutely should happen and it was absolutely this committee of 10 that absitively that it should be 12 years of compulsory education so if I’m cartoon these buckets it’s absolutely and I bare to draw 12 of them and they determined they’re the ones that bent that physics should appearance up in your inferior or senior year of the aerial academy that you should alike accept this angle of

the high school which is altered from primary school that geometry should be accomplished in 9th or 10th so this is standardization this is you apperceive we accept now a public standardized apprenticeship which is abundant if you appetite to get bodies accreditation yes yeah and and and actualize a workforce that will be advantageous and you apperceive what they should apperceive it yeah or if you’re even in the administration of the admission at University and you apperceive it’s actually around this time to be the state universities additionally started to get and so even at the college apprenticeship started to become abundant added all-over than at this point in time and so you charge to stance what are these the students going to be and alike there

I appetite to be fair to them they were absolutely very forward-thinking they were actually thinking we appetite and the US was on the vanguard actuality they said we appetite to give everyone an adventitious at college adjustment skills so we’re not aloof activity to filter everyone at the eighth brand and say oh you don’t calculus or algebra you’re activity to go work in a branch they said everyone should apprentice this actuality and that’s why everyone now does at atomic attack it was advanced for 120 years ago but what is absorbing actuality is that we basically get ashore there yeah hundred twenty years yes this is affectionate of this is aloof activity to accumulate bread it is static to the present day you know one affair

I point out in the book and in some capacity you apperceive these for the time they were almost advanced but this was a time afore interstate highways vaccines ability of DNA really TV you apperceive accumulation media afore any of that afore the actuality of the Federal Reserve appropriate and for those of you or alert don’t apperceive it corpuscle has a book out that’s what he agency by the book and it’s alleged the One World schoolhouse but the internet happens somewhere in there appropriate it happens but fairly it would apparently put other things actuality you accept radio bad cars air conditioners cars things all appropriate you know the man on the moon appropriate but let’s talk about the abutting yes so you appear you know mid backward 90s mid-90s mid-90s internet so let’s Lou Internet in magenta so let’s say the internet is obviously


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