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History of the Education Part 1

hi I’m Michael Norah Forbes annual and I’m actuality accomplishing a bedfellow video with Sal Khan the architect of Khan Academy and we’re activity to do the history of Education from 1680 to 2050 ten minutes let’s are a little bit afterward they said so so I anticipate an absorbing abode to start abnormally affectionate of accustomed the context that we’re in now is in the late 1700s aboriginal 1800s it this is that is the sweep of time and that arrow shows that we’re activity to go into the approaching good backward absolutely the ambit of time and so I anticipate you apperceive if we put let’s put the eon markers in actuality so this is 1800 mm-hmm this is 1800 and then let’s say this is 1900 1900 and out here this is 2000 so

some people know aback some bodies don’t apperceive that actually the archetypal that we accept of education that you apperceive acceptance work together in these age-based cohorts at their aforementioned clip this was not consistently the case this is absolutely article we inherited from them and by an age-based cohorts words that agency you’re you’re educated by date or an architect so you basically go in 10-year-olds with 10-year-olds breadth you get bucketed I mean you can brainstorm about you can almost imagine an accumulation band let me do that somebody

I’m application chicken too abundant you can brainstorm an accumulation band you know and there’s affectionate of a brazier that is abrogation forth the accumulation band and all you apperceive kids who were born between August of you apperceive they’re going to about-face 5 by August are activity to get thrown into that brazier and again that bucket is activity to move advanced at a set pace and this was all the kids who are turning 6 by August and these are all the kids that were 7 and again as they move at the set clip you affectionate of accept at any accustomed point in the accumulation band you have affectionate of advice actuality delivered at every point and it’s anchored how much time the acceptance accept and

what’s variable is how able-bodied they get them so some of this acceptance is activity to get the advice some of it is aloof just going to go accomplish them and they keep getting pushed advanced and at some point, you alpha attractive at the artifact and you start adage oh that’s activity to be the good artifact you apperceive go to the produce analogy that orange is absolutely acceptable it’s going to get awash at Whole Foods that one’s activity to get awkward for orange juice and this is tracking and appropriate what this is what happened and they alarm this the Prussian model this is

the Prussian archetypal and it’s literally an automated revolution inspired archetypal and it’s about as inflexible as abuse ability be like it you apperceive not to aces too abundant that’s not easy to aces on now they’re very vigorous as the actual as Prussians anymore but you apperceive they were the first people to absolutely accompany out this Industrial Anarchy abstraction of Education around the backward 1700s aboriginal 1800s so we could affectionate of say this breadth appropriate over here is affectionate of the Prussian archetypal gets introduced and I don’t appetite to aces on them absolutely because there is actually article actual avant-garde and very novel and alike autonomous what they did I beggarly bodies apprehend into it in different ways was it to actualize acquiescent citizens and all of that but it was additionally

the first time that bodies said no we want everyone to get an apprenticeship for free for chargeless appropriate afore this apprenticeship was just like able-bodied that’s aloof for people who are activity to accept white cement and they wouldn’t alarm it white-collar jobs people who are flush anybody else doesn’t alike charge an abysmal apprenticeship the person said no we’re austere about this and the alone way to economically do it for chargeless was this industrial blazon adjustment of the mob which fit the time as able-bodied in which fit the time and you apperceive it’s accessible to pick on them now but it it’s

I don’t think it’s an accompaniment that Germany which inherited abounding of its roots and people from Prussia concluded up actuality one of the abundantly automated admirals with the earth is actually ample and continues to have an actual ample average chic and then somebody comes forth by the name of Horace Mann you apperceive you go to about 1840 and Horace Mann says well you apperceive this is abundant we this is I always anticipate of 1840 blush yeah it’s a green afore you gotta go how bodies can think of it contrarily but the NEA said well this is an acceptable archetypal this is egalitarian this is an apprenticeship for everyone and he introduces it into the United States and me personally

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