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Funny Crocodile & Alligator Jokes & Puns

Here’s a rundown jokes for the creature croc for you to use as fast as a snap whenever somebody discusses gators, there statements and jokes as well!

Unique (genuine) words show up first, at that point a ” > ” and the quip, trailed by a case of its utilization or punny definition for clearness.

Funny Crocodile & Alligator Jokes & Puns

Q: What do you call a gator in a vest?

An: An In-vest-igator

Q: What do you call a monetarily insightful crocodile?

An: An Invest-igator

Q: What do you call a gator with a GPS?

An: A Navi-gator.


Q: What do you call something that is too huge for a croc to eat?

An: A jawbreaker.

Q: What’s the comparability between an Alligator and Windows?

A: Neither of them has enough bytes!

Q: Why don’t crocs like inexpensive food?

A: Because they can’t get it!

Q: what number arms does a croc have?

A: Depends how far he has with having his supper!

Q: What do you get on the off chance that you cross a gator with a bloom?

An: I don’t have the foggiest idea, yet I’m not going to smell it!

Q: What’s more regrettable than one croc coming to supper?

A: Two crocs coming to supper

Q: What sports drink do crocodiles love?

A: Gator-Ade.

Q: What do you consider a crocodile that sneaks up and chomps you from behind?

An: A tail-gater.

Q: What do crocodiles have at football match-ups?

A: Tail-door parties!

Q: What do youthful crocodiles like on their Starbucks drinks?

A: Jaw-va chips

Q: What was the geek crocodiles most loved programming language

A: Jaw-va content

Q: Who gives gators shows on Christmas?

A: Santa Jaws!

Q: Why are crocodiles comics so entertaining?

A: Their mind is as sharp as their teeth!

Q: Why shouldn’t you shoot a gator?

A: He’ll simply do what needs to be done and make its best.

Q: Why shouldn’t you insult a croc?

A: Because it may cause issues down the road for you at last

Q: What’s the distinction between a crocodile and a gator?

A: One you’ll find in some time and the other you’ll see later.

Q: Why did that one crocodile get into a battle with the other?

A: He got restless and snapped

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