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230 very best Math Pick Up Lines

A conversation starter is a speedy method to stand out enough to be noticed. There are numerous sorts of pickup lines out there that you can utilize and math-themed pickup lines are incredible to use since math is widespread.

Possibly you are in math class with somebody or perhaps you simply invest wholeheartedly in being a smidgen of a geek. In any case, you are likely keen on flaunting your math information in a coy manner.

Regardless of whether you utilize your pickup line face to face or on the web, you must be immediate and to the point. Your pickup line must be sufficiently short with the goal that you don’t lose the consideration of the other individual immediately.

Math is a great method to get somebody. 1 in addition to 1 equivalents 2. 2 individuals become 1. However you take a gander at it, 2 individuals getting together is basic math.

The following are numerous kinds of math conversation starters that extend from geometry lines to variable based math and analytics lines. Utilize the math conversation starters beneath to get your squash to see you.

The reason for an extraordinary conversation starter is to build up an association and break the ice—which implies it makes things simpler in the event that you know a couple of insights regarding the individual you’re attempting to dazzle. For instance, in the event that they like Star Wars, you could go with something like “You’re the Obi-Wan for me.” And on the off chance that they’re about Christmas, attempt “Call me Rudolph, ’cause you just sleighed me.” But in the event that that unique individual is an all out math nerd, have no dread—there are gooey math conversation starters, as well!

To assist you with establishing a fabulous first connection with an individual who cherishes math, we’ve gathered together the best math conversation starters that are absolutely adorkable. Regardless of whether you’re telling your squash they’re sweet as pi or that you believe they’re intense y, these math conversation starters are as essential as they are smart—and will show the object of your expressions of love that you find the same amount of satisfaction in decimals and subordinates as they do.


1. Hey baby, what is your sine?

2. Girl, you must be the square root of two because I feel irrational around you.

3. Honey, you must be the square root of negative one because you are just unreal.

4. I would like to take you to the limit as x approaches infinity.

5. My lust for you is exponentially growing like y = 2 to the x.

6. I hope you know set theory because I would love to intersect and union you.

7. You must be a 45-degree angle because I think that you are acute-y.

8. Is geometry your favorite subject? It must be, because whatever angle I look at you from, you are beautiful.

9. How about I perform a sort on your variables and you can analyze my performance?

10. I have no BASE for the feelings I have for you. They extend forever just like a LINE. The TRANSLATION of my love for you is infinite and you are a RAY of sunshine in my day.

11. My love for you was EXPONENTIAL from the start. Your beauty is UNPARALLELED.

12. My feelings for you are not RATIONAL, but I think that you could be my better HALF.

13. My feelings for you are too great to MEASURE. This love has no LIMIT.

14. Let us make a PRODUCT so great, we can join hearts and MULTIPLY them through.

15. I like you like the way a coefficient likes its variable.

16. We fit together like coordinates on an axis.

17. I less than three you.

18. If we distribute our love, we can be together forever. Together you and I make a perfect square.

19. Your CENTER is neither OBLIQUE, nor is it OBTUSE. You are just perfect.

20. Ever since you wandered into my HEMISPHERE, our lives have INTERSECTED perfectly.

21. You are the square to my root.

22. You are the solution to all of my equations.

23. You are the hypotenuse of my triangle.

24. You are the base of my trapezoid.

25. You squared plus me squares equals we squared.

26. You are the x to my y.

27. We are a perfect function because you are the one for me.

28. You are like the back of a math book, because you are the answer to all of my problems.

29. Without you I am just a semi-circle; you complete me.

30. If there is one thing that I have learned from CALCULUS, it is that YOU + ME = More than just US.

31. How is it that I know so many digits of pi, but I do not know the 7 digits of your phone number?

32. My love for you is like dividing zero. You cannot define it.

33. 1 + 1 = < 3

34. You must be a 90 degree angle because you are looking right.

35. You must be p > 0.5, because I fail to reject you.

36. I think my statistics is getting better because I know that an interaction of me and you would have a significant effect.

37. You must be a math teacher because you got me harder than calculus.

38. I have a math equation for you: you plus me equals awesome.

39. Girl, you have better legs than an isosceles triangle.

40. Let’s find out we converge by taking each other to the limit.

41. I am sine and you are cosine, so let’s make a tangent.

42. Being myself around you is as easy as pi.

43. Why are circles so hot? Because they are 360 degrees.

44. If you were a triangle, you would be such acute one.

45. If I were a function, you would be my asymptote. I always tend toward you.

46. Your body has the nicest arc length that I have ever seen.

47. You make me harder than the traveling salesman problem.

48. Hey girl, the measure of your imperfections is zero.

49. My legs are separable if you do the splitting.

50. Are you my integral? I was wondering, because I see myself in the area beneath your curves.

51. You and I must be inverse logical functions because I could compliment you all day.

52. I wish that I was your Fourier Transform so I could investigate the frequency of your curves.

53. I would like to see the quotient group of you over me.

54. I am not happy in my current relationship and would like to do a u-substitution.

55. You must be the mathematical constant because I want you at the base of my natural log.

56. If you were a triangle then your base would be perpendicular to your height. I think that it must be a sine that you have the right angle for me.

57. I like fractions, do you want to do some with me? I am like a numerator because I like to be on top.

58. After tonight, will I just be a common denominator?

59. Your angles must be less than 90 degrees, because you sure are acute.

60. I integrated with your curves and then I realized the value of the area of our love.

61. You and I are just fractions in a world of reals, but together we could be whole.

62. My radius grows at the sight of your arc length.

63. Your legs put an isosceles’ legs to shame.

64. I am just an empty set when you are not with me.

65. You had me at 07734. (07734 spells HELLO on a calculator when viewed upside down.)

66. If we are both math majors, then why is there so much chemistry between us?

67. I am not being obtuse, but you are really acute, girl.

68. When it comes to looks, you are way above the mean, median, and mode.

69. My love for you is like pi, it is never ending.

70. Can I explore your mean value?

71. I am like pi, I am really long and I go on forever.

72. I hear that you are really good at algebra. Can you replace my eX without asking Y?

73. Hey there, can I plug my solution into your equation?

74. You must be a square number, because my love for you is exponential.

75. I have to say, you are one well-defined function.

76. I would really like to bisect your angle.

77. Hey baby, can I see what is under your radical?

78. Can you let me find your nth term?

79. You are as sweet as 3.14159….

80. How about we get together and make our slopes zero.

81. If I were a graphics calculator, I could look at your curves all day long.

82. You must be absolute because every time you are around me, I feel positive.

83. One plus two equals me and you.

84. I know my math, and you have one significant figure.

85. If you were an equation my love for you would have no limit.

86. You must be a 90 degree angle, because you are looking right!

87. I am like a math book and you are like a student because you solve all of my problems.

88. Excuse me, can I get your seven significant digits?

89. Honey, you are sweeter than pi.

90. My friends told me that I should ask you out because you cannot differentiate.

91. My love for you is fractal because it goes on forever.

92. Hey girl, what is your sign? It must be pi/2, because you are the 1 for me.

93. I wish that I was your calculus homework. I would be hard and just sitting on your desk, waiting for you to do me.

94. Hey baby, do you like math? No? Me neither. Actually, the only number that I care about is yours.

95. Just by looking at you I can tell that you are 36-25-36; they are all perfect squares.

96. What do calculus and I both have in common? We are both hard for you.

97. I heard that you like math, so tell me the answer to this problem: what is the sum of U + ME?

98. Hey girl, what is your sin? It must be 90 because you are the 1.

99. Hey girl, are you 1/x? Because you are the rate of change of my natural log.

100. Hey baby, will you be my third dimension? Because without you I am not real.

101. Hey girl, can I be the hypotenuse between your legs?

102. If I am a sine and you are a cosine, do you want to get together and make like a tangent?

103. If you were sin x and I was cos x, then together we would make one.

104. Do you want to squeeze my theorem while I poly your nomial?

105. You can call me a parabola, because there is a conic section in my pants.

106. Is your discriminant less than zero? Because I have heard that your roots are unreal!

107. I will be the one to take you to the limit as x approaches infinity.

108. Baby, you have more curves than a triple integral.

109. It is not the length of the vector that matters, it is how you apply the force.

110. I have a formula for you. YOU + ME = AWESOME.

111. Do you want to come back to my room with me so we can do math? Add my bed, subtract our clothes, divide, your legs, and multiply.

112. You are like my calculus homework. I could throw you on the table and do you all night long.

113. I wish I was your secant line so I could touch you in at least two places.

114. My love for you is like a concave function, because it is always increasing.

115. Hey girl, you must be a 90 degree angle because you are looking right.

116. Girl, my love for you is like the decimals of pi, never ending.

117. Girl, you must be a p-value of at least 0.05, because I fail to reject you.

118. You are 1 and I am 0. Together, we are 10 times stronger, and without you, I am nothing.

119. You are my common denominator.

120. I was supposed to solve for x. I am so glad that I found u instead.

121. Your face has perfect relative symmetry.

122. If you and I were two objects of Set Theory, then where would we intersect?

123. Hey girl, are you open for deduction?

124. If my girlfriend became X, could I substitute with U?

125. I have a great idea. What if you were the numerator and I could be the denominator? We could both reduce to our simplest form.

126. If I was a polynomial, how would you expand me?

127. I wish I were your second derivative, so that I could explore all of your concavities.

128. I need some help with my algebra. Do you think that you could replace my X without asking Y?

129. I am binary and I think that you are the 1 for me.

130. You do not have to be an expert at math to realize that we make the perfect pair.

131. We are great together. You have the curves and I have the angles.

132. The square root of all my fantasies is you.

133. If the universe wanted me to assign you a number, you would be my number 1.

134. I will be the one over your cosx, and together we could have secx.

135. Hey girl, let’s make love like pi. It would be irrational and never ending.

136. I heard that you are good at math because your legs are always divided.

137. I memorized the first 300 digits of pi. If you gave me the 7 digits of your phone number, I could memorize them too.

138. I find you more fascinating than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

139. If you were a graphics calculator, then I could look at your curves all day long.

140. If 4 plus 4 equals 8, then you plus me equals fate.

141. Hey girl, what is your sine? I will tell you mine if you tell me yours.

142. Maybe this is a sine that you + me are meant 2 be.

143. Your body has the nicest arc length that I have ever seen.

144. Hey girl, you really have a nice set of parabolas.

145. I can figure out the square root of any number in less than 10 seconds? If you do not believe me, I can try it with your phone number.

146. Can I instantiate your objects and access their member variables?

147. I have a lot in common with math in that we are both very hard for you.

148. I heard that you are good at math, because your legs are always divided.

149. If I were an integral than I would fill you up.

150. Before I root you, I have to know: are you over 18?

151. Your beauty is never ending, like pi.

152. My affection for you goes on and on, like pi.

153. I should ask you out because you cannot differentiate.

154. The square root of all of my fantasies is you.

155. I seem to be looking at a set of twin primes.

156. I do not know if you are in my range, but I would sure like to take you back to my domain.

157. If you were a graphing calculator, then I could look at your curves all day long.

158. I am not a mathematician but I am pretty good with numbers. If you do not believe me, give me yours and I will show you what I can do with it.

159. Your name is Leslie? I can spell your name on my calculator.

160. How about you and I couple our equations tonight?

161. My feelings for you is like a concave up function because they are always increasing.

162. The derivative of my feelings for you is zero, because these feelings I have for you are constant.

163. I want us to have a love like pi; something that is irrational and never ending.

164. I think that you and I would add up better than a Riemann sum.

165. You are the invariant of the algorithm of my heart.

166. YOU + ME = WE

167. I will love you with all my circles, not heart, because hearts break but a circle goes on forever.

168. I think that you are the solution to my homogenous system of linear equations.

169. If you were a shape you would be a square because you have all the right angles.

170. Your body is like a hyperbola.

171. The volume of a generalized cylinder has been known for many years, but you will not know the volume of mine until tonight.

172. If I were binary, you would be the 1 for me.

173. I think that my binomials just expanded.

174. Even at absolute zero, you would still move me.

175. Your body has the nicest arc length that I have ever seen.

176. If you and I were represented in a graph, my bar lines would break the graph due to you.

177. I could calculate the ratio of your assets any day.

178. You must be an asymptote. I keep finding myself getting closer and closer to you.

179. Hey baby, let me help you find your nth term.

180. Looking at you, I can see that you have more curves than a triple integral.

190. If my girlfriend was X, could I substitute with U?

191. Hey girl, you have a great body. Are you a Mathlete?

192. Hey baby, do you want to make a composite function?

193. If you and I were two objects of Set Theory, then where would we intersect?

194. If you were a triangle, you sure would be acute one.

195. Hey there, are you open for deduction?

196. One does not need to be a mathematician to know that we are the perfect pair.

197. I would like to try and calculate the slope of those curves of yours.

198. 4 plus 4 equals 8, but you plus me equals fate.

199. Me PLUS you, I will take your NUMBER, MULTIPLY the smile, and MINUS the drama.

200. Give me just a FRACTION of your heart and I will SOLVE all of your problems.

201. Put together, YOU and ME make a perfect equation.

202. I am like pi. I am really long and I go on forever.

203. If you give me just a FRACTION of your time, I will show you why we are the perfect PAIR.

204. I can tell just by looking at you that you are 36, 35, 36, which all happen to be perfect squares.

205. Are you good at math? Can you help me solve for x? X = your number.

206. I am not very good at algebra, but I do know that you and I make 69.

207. If I was a polynomial, how would you expand me?

208. Do you want to get together and make a composite function?

209. I am not sure if you are in my range, but I would like to take you back to my domain.

210. I wish you were the Pythagorean Theorem so I could insert my hypotenuse into your legs.

211. I heard that you do not like fractions. Would you let me be your other half?

212. Just the very thought of you and i is deriving me crazy.

213. My goal is to make you harder than my calculus homework.

214. To try to explain my feelings for you would be like dividing by zero.

215. Hey girl, can you satisfy my graph?

216. I will love you until they find an end to pi.

217. My feelings for you have grown exponentially.

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